My Body Physics, LLC

Age-Proof Life is the blog of My Body Physics, LLC a health/wellness/fitness company mainly devoted to working individuals age 40+.

Experience The My Body Physics, LLC difference:

  • We provide you with a different perspective as a way to break out of your routine (i.e.,   a new approach to eating, exercise, & lifestyle).
  • Personalized nutrition, exercise, & lifestyle programs that help you achieve the success you desire & are based on your needs & our assessments.
  • Health & fitness programs from someone who understands your needs.
  • Our individualized programs help you make positive, permanent changes that enhance your health & wellness.   

While we emphasize an integrated, personalized approach to health, fitness, & lifestyle, My Body Physics’ programs are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, manage, or cure any disease/condition. We strongly recommend you consult with your physician or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise and/or health/wellness program. 

Contact us:

Robert Boccardi


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