The Right To Choose

Regarding my post of September 21, “GMOs & GE—Different Names, Same Process,” I fall into the anti-camp. Some of my reasons being:

●  As I said in my previous post, I want to know how my food was grown as well as the food sources. I believe Congress does not have the right, under the influence of agribusinesses or anyone else, to eliminate my right of choice. Once again, what are these companies trying to hide?

●  The ramifications of GMOs are unpredictable and unknown.

●  If you’re eating processed food, you are most likely consuming GMOs.

●  If you’re eating animals raised on GMO feed, you’re eating GMOs. Think about it.

●  GMOs can introduce allergens into foods.

●  No long-term testing has been done on GMOs—we are the experiment.

●  GMOS may play a role in gastrointestinal issues and chronic disease.

●  Unexpected traits in plants may arise.

●  With the introduction of GMOs and the attack against labeling them, ask yourself who controls our food supply.

●  In nature, the cross-pollination of GMOs can occur with non-GMO crops through the wind and insects. Will this lead to the destruction of non-GMO species?

●  Along with the above point, I believe in the need for genetic diversity.

Again, if you want a choice, contact your senators regarding H.R. 1599. Thank you.


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