Name The Substance

This substance can:

  • Increase appetite.
  • Increase insulin production.
  • Lead to insulin resistance.
  • Contribute to bone loss.
  • Suppress the immune system—opening the door for infection and disease.
  • Trigger surge in stress hormones (cortisol & adrenaline).
  • Contribute to fat accumulation around your waist.
  • Use up the body’s store of vitamins and minerals.
  • Be referred to as a Class A drug—is more addictive than cocaine.
  • Increase blood sugar.
  • Contribute to diabetes.
  • Increase blood pressure.
  • Produce cravings.
  • Produce an over-acid condition in your body.
  • Contribute to depression.
  • Contribute to yeast infections.

This substance lacks nutritional value, and yet, the estimates are Americans individually consume between 150-170 pounds of this substance per year.

The substance:


Something for us all to think about.

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