This Moment

In my last post, I wrote: “Through our continual dwelling on the past and the future we create the stories of our lives, and for most of us, we become trapped in either one or the other of these two realms with their false realities. Yet, our lives are happening right now in this moment, and we usually are unaware of it.”

Thus, during the day, enjoy the moments. Sure people, events, and things are going to annoy you. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and then, release it. Why let the person who cut you off in traffic ruin your morning or even your day (I can see my wife smile at this remark from me).

I used to go through many parts of my day by rote like taking my usual driving routes with the realization as I park my car—how did I get here? Because of such a routine, I’ve failed to notice the wildlife on back roads or been unaware of the leaves changing color for a number of days.

I am trying to become aware of the moment I’m in. For me it’s not easy.  As an example now when I exercise, I just go with how my body feels. Even on days when I really don’t want to exercise (yes, I have them), I just concentrate on how my body is moving and not my day.

And I try to take time to just be. Like just looking out the back door and reveling in nature. Were there always so many robins so late in the summer? Do the pinecones always start to fall this early in August?

I remember when I was younger sitting on our front porch; the perfect place to witness the approach of a thunderstorm as it travelled over the opposite field: the darkening clouds, the rippling of the high grass in the wind, the calm before the storm, seeing the wall of rain coming toward me, and finally reaching me. I wasn’t thinking about my chemistry test or getting together with my friends. I was just present. This is where our life truly is, in this moment.

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