“You Make The Road By Walking.”

The above quote is from Sidney Lumet, the late director, producer, and screenwriter.

Just start on your path. I stress “your” path. Not the ones of your parents, family, or friends.

Where on your journey are you right now? Are certain roadblocks hindering your progress? Are some of them hidden?

Are you frustrated because you’re not living the life you want? Do you feel stuck? Are your thoughts and actions aligned with your beliefs and values or with those of others? Filter out the noise. Your motivation must come from within and not from those around you.

Think about what you truly want to achieve and have specific goals to get you there. Question when and why you’re being led astray, but don’t punish yourself when you venture off course. Make the necessary corrections and learn from your experiences.

Remember, you are in charge of your life—don’t give that power to others.

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