Is That Belief Still Valid?

“Don’t be afraid of new ideas; be afraid of old ones.”

The above quote by Daniel F. Akerson connects with the importance of taking alternative perspectives as we view the various aspects of our lives.

We usually are very comfortable in and protected by our current beliefs and ideas.  We can easily be unconscious of them. In fact, many of them were formed because they initially provided us with a sense of safety and security. Perhaps their usefulness may be obsolete. I am not asking you to just disregard these views; instead, I would like all of us to investigate our perceptions.

Next time you react when one of your beliefs or ideas is questioned, take a breath and leave yourself open for inquiry. Just relax. Start by asking: Where did the reaction come from? Is it an emotional response connected to an event in your past? Does it truly reflect who you now? Are you “hearing” the voice of someone else in your life? Whose voice is it? Is that voice moving you forward, criticizing you, or holding you back?

Then, “try on” another point of view; just relax into it and observe. Don’t judge by saying “this is right” or “this is wrong.” Carry on a dialogue with the other perspective. Relax, explore, trust the inquiry, and leave yourself open. Then, ask if your belief or idea is still valid.  If it is, fine; if it no longer serving you or holding you back, then, change it.

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