Welcome to Age-Proof Life

Some Initial Thoughts on Health, Fitness, & Aging.

I believe the following:

  • An active lifestyle and a healthy diet are keys to an Age-Proof Life.
  • We can be healthy and fit our entire life.
  • Growing older doesn’t mean “falling apart.”
  • Aches and pains do not have to be part of the aging process.

Ten years ago, I probably would have questioned aspects of the above remarks. As I think back on my path that led me to this point, I don’t recognize my former self. What brought about this change? Part of it was being ready and open for it as well as knowing I am growing older.

My shift was a gradual one. For example, I would read a book on nutrition and not be taken with their approach. But as I read other works and connected diverse ideas, new connections were made, and now, that initial work forms the basis of my nutritional approach. By keeping an open mind and realizing alternative points of view can be correct, I questioned my old beliefs, and I dropped those that were no longer valid.

Because of my experiences, I welcome confusion, paradox, and doubt into my life. They make me feel I’m getting closer to the truth. Through this process, my perspective shifted regarding the interrelationship between diet, exercise, lifestyle, thoughts, stress, goals, and desires.

Through this blog, I want to help you achieve your optimal health and fitness that will touch and improve every aspect of your life. I want to help you redefine your thoughts on aging and how to live your life to the fullest.

I’m going to place the emphasis on your uniqueness and not have you depend on media images telling you who or what you should be. Topics will include such areas as an integrated approach to health; nutrition based on whole foods (no crazed dieting or deprivation need apply); personalized exercise plans; positive lifestyle changes; and answering your questions as well as including some commentary and reflections.

Although my main emphasis will be on individuals age 40+, I believe it is never too early to begin a healthy lifestyle. I hope this blog might give the below 40 crowd a chance to get a head start and avoid some of the pitfalls that can lead to chronic conditions that have been commonly associated with aging.

In my posts, I will continually keep myself open to alternative perspectives and to remind myself about the need for change—“if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it.”

In my next entry, I will talk about some aspects of my health and fitness story.

Please let me know your thoughts, and again, welcome to Age-Proof Life.